Ventura Myofascial Release
The Fascia forms the largest system in the body as it is the system that touches all the other systems. | I belive that the body remembers everything that has ever happene to it.
Kathy Murillo, Myofascial Release Practitioner
Myofascial Release Relieves Symptoms From Injuries & Chronic Conditions

Ventura Myofascial Release is a Ventura based company created by Kathy Murillo, an Advanced MFR Practitioner, who provides MFR therapy for all of Ventura County including Ojai, Oxnard, Camarillo. Myofascial Release is a whole-body approach designed to release the restrictions in the fascial system, increase range of motion, restore overall function, and reduce pain. Myofascial Release assists your body to heal on its own by using a hands-on technique that releases connective tissue adhesions/restrictions. We specialize in treating the following conditions: back pain, headaches/migraines, fibromyalgia, neck pain, anxiety, neurological dysfunction, sports injuries, etc. Treatment focuses on returning your body to its natural, homeostatic state. Home programs/self treatment is taught at your first session. The treatment is available in half-hour increments between 30-120 minutes. For an appointment or more information please call (805) 947-8177